Below is a list of 2019 events at Farnham Park. For a full list of bookings at Farnham Park click here.

Date Event Sport
16-17 March National University Softball Championships Slowpitch Softball
23-24 March National University Baseball Championships Baseball
30 March Academy Closing Day Baseball / Fastpitch Softball
6 April BBF Opening Day Tournament Baseball
13 April GB Challenge Tournament Fastpitch Softball
14 April GB Slowpitch Open Slowpitch Softball
27 April GB Fastpitch League 1 Fastpitch Softball
27 April WMSL Firstball Slowpitch Softball
4 May GB Fastpitch League 2 Fastpitch Softball
11 May GB Fastpitch League 3 Fastpitch Softball
18 -19 May Diamond Tournament 1 / National Softball League Slowpitch Softball
25 May GB Fastpitch League 4 Fastpitch Softball
26 May BBF All-Star Game Baseball
27-31 May MLB / BSUK All-Star Cadet Camp Baseball / Softball
1 June GB Fastpitch League 5 Fastpitch Softball
8-9 June UK Little League Qualifiers Baseball
15-16 June Diamond Tournament 2 / National Softball League Slowpitch Softball
22-23 June London Calling Baseball
25-27 June MLB Elite Tournament Baseball
28-30 June Archer Tournament Baseball
6 July Disco Ball Slowpitch Softball
13-14 July Windsor Tournament Slowpitch Softball
20-21 July Diamond Tournament 3 / National Softball League Slowpitch Softball
27 July London Raiders Tournament Slowpitch Softball
27-28 July National Softball League 1 Round 3 (D3) Slowpitch Softball
3-4 August Sons of Pitches Slowpitch Softball
10-11 August BSF Co-Ed Slowpitch League Nationals Slowpitch Softball
17-18 August All About The Base Slowpitch Softball
25 August BBF National Baseball Championship Play-Offs Baseball
31 August – 1 September BSF Co-Ed Slowpitch National Championships Slowpitch Softball
7-8 September BBF National Baseball Championship Semi-Finals Baseball
14-15 September BBF National Baseball Championship Finals Baseball
21-22 September BBF Youth Baseball Championship Finals Baseball
28 September SPAM Softball Tournament Slowpitch Softball
29 September High Performance Academy Trials Baseball / Fastpitch Softball
5-6 October National University Baseball Championship Baseball
12 October GB Fastpitch League Fastpitch Softball
13 October Academy Opening Day Baseball / Fastpitch Softball
19-20 October National University Softball Championship Slowpitch Softball